Registered Nurse- 7a-7p shift (Greenville, GA)

HOPE'SCorner Child and Adolescent Crisis Stabilization Unit (C&A CSU) is a twelve-bed, medicallymonitored, short term crisis stabilization program that provides psychiatricand behavioral stabilization for children and adolescents and detoxificationfor adolescents. The C & A CSU is designed to serve as a first line community basedalternative to hospitalization, offering psychiatric stabilization anddetoxification services on a short-term basis.
Theindividual in this role serves as the charge nurse and provides directcare. Responsibilities will include butnot be limited to the following:
? Interviewconsumers and/or family members using acceptable techniques that areappropriate for the child's level of functioning to obtain necessaryinformation regarding medical, social, and/or emotional background
? Performroutine tests and take vital signs regularly as prescribed in each individualplan of care
? Accuratelydocuments and files a written assessment or update in each consumer's chart ona daily basis
? Collaborateseffectively with other treatment team members in the development of andmonitoring of each child's plan of care
? Modifiesplan of care as indicated by reassessment of child's needs
? Schedulesoutside clinic appointments/special activities as necessary followingestablished protocol or physician/clinician orders; follows up on appointmentsas needed
? Administersmedication(s) in the proper method, time, and dosage as indicated by theestablished plan of care; Explains medication and treatment to child
? Makesrounds, either with physician/clinician or independently as required orappropriate
? Immediatelyresponds to consumers in acute distress according to established guidelines
? Maintainsaccurate and well-organized office files and consumer medical records
? Regularlymonitors patient compliance with health instructions (e.g. dietary guidelines)and self medication; Takes corrective action as necessary
? Conductsregular sanitation inspections of the unit/program
? Developscomplete discharge plans utilizing available resources
? Adheresto universal precautions in all situations to prevent the spread of infection
? Activelyparticipates in departmental staff meetings as required to discuss needs,goals, objectives, and outcomes of services, quality assurance, infectioncontrol, etc.
Bachelor's degree in nursing from an accredited college or university OR Associate's degree in nursing from an accredited college or university AND current Georgia license as a Registered Professional Nurse AND any related professional work experience.

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